Monday, September 23, 2013

College, Round 2                                           

Sheesh! Where do I even begin??

Thursday Sept 12. Mom, Hailey, and I set out for the Burg! We had planned on leaving tree farm around 5..obvi we didnt get out til 6:15.

Ready for Take-Off

 With all the "necessary" food stops every few horas and the maybe too often potty stops, we finally pulled into Rexburg around 10:45 or 11:30..dont really remember. we actually stayed in Idaho Falls like 20-30 mins from byui. so we didnt even go to rexburg that night. What a trip that was!! we had lotso good last memories to last us til christmas.

Almost there!!!

 In the 4 hours I wasnt the driver I read a book called Drops of Gold. Its pretty similar to sound of music, but pretty different..haha basically its the best book Ive ever read! 

Friday Sept 13. We came and checked in to the Ivy apts. around 10:00 am..kinda  a slow start but we were exhausted!! so it was aight. I chose the very last room by the shelves/drawers..aka not by the window.

My Side of the Room (Yes that's a John Deere pillow case) :)

Then we began the tedious unpacking!! woohoooo!!! I got as far as i could without hangers, etc. Then we headed back to IF(thats what people call Idaho Falls here..guess it makes sense) to go to bed bath and beyond. and target. and Jamba/Chick-fil-a for dinnner. we were burnt out!! so we went to the hotel and went swimming...basically I didnt have a swim suit so I wore Haileys swim bottoms and a tshirt and she wore her swim top and her bball shorts..we were quite the scene!! goodthing only a little boy and his dad came swimming while we were there!!! Then we went to bed.

Saturday Sept 14. Again a much slower start than is preferable, but we were just having good times so whatevs. We started out at Yellowstone's Bear World (basically a lot like the olympic game farm) but inbetween IF and the not even in Yellowstone...But it was pretty cool!!

Bear World!

 They have like 60-some bears of different types, as well as lots of little babies.

Full-grown Black Bear..Tried to eat my brand new SNOW TIRES!!

AND we got there just in time to drive through the park once and then we got to FEED BOTTLES TO THE BABY CUBS!!! It was so fun!! they were like 8 mos old or somethin. so like 90 ibs and really fluffy.

Baby Cash

It was fun to pet them and feed them and find out more about them. Pretty cute creatures!!!

Baby Angus

Then we went back to my apartment and unloaded all my Bed Bath and Beyond crap..and by crap I mean treasure...? I finished getting settled and then we went to dinner and walmart in Rexburg to get some groceries to hold me off til monday. And then we went to a hotel in Rexburg..they were all full thurs/fri, but not saturday!! And we went to bed.

Sunday Sept 15. I have church at 1:30 and mom and Hailey's shuttle was going to pick them up at 11 so we had a few hours in the morning to eat breakfast and set out to find Hibbard, ID where Grandma Kath grew up.

Hibbard, ID

It was so fun to drive like 5 minutes from my house and BAM youre in farmland. Did I mention its basically Heaven here? Like anyone that says theyre from rexburg is basically just sayin they have COWS!!!!! sorta..ok not really. but there is a TON of farmland around here. We found the church G'ma went to..we think it was rebuilt, but kept the same steeple...?

Hibbard Chapel
Then we went and found the cemetery where great gma/gpa zollinger and their three little babies are all buried, but we didnt have time to look for the actually graves, so thats gonna be my first date is to go find them(: then we headed back to campus to the place mom and hailey got picked up. They put the bags under the bus and we just cried and cried til I couldnt see them anymore.

Trying to be happy, even though I miss my Family...

Sheesh!! what a way to start out a sunday. It was all i could do to keep me from crying through every song at church. but I made it and so far havent cried actual tears since!! just a little moist eye..maybe from the dryness? jk I got sad a few other times. Anywho my ward is kinda lame but my bishopric all basically owned horses/cows/both at some point in their lives which all in itself tellls a ton about a person...(: but they are all really cool, humble guys. I love them!!

A typical After-Church meal for the Gluten Intolerant (That's me!)

First week of school went really well!!!! 

Monday Sept 16. BOM at 7:45 and was waitlisted for Human Devel at 11 but it was too full so I left at the beginning of class and I was ticked!! but then i ran into Eric Jensen! We hungout for a while cuz my next class (Intro to livestocks) wasnt til 12:45! That just got me in a gooder, more confident mood before my COW class! So i walk into class and Im pretty sure the holy ghost relayed a message to me that I should sit next to this kid in the front row. And the rest is history! basically were dating now and hes REALLLY cute and hes from Alabama and he just has the most amazing (and compatible with mine) life plan! (do you remember that one time me and hailey worte out our life plans?) Ok were not really dating...i WISH.... but everything else is true!! He is a business major. And he plans to take over his dad's company when the time comes. he does some sort of roofing/rafters thing..not really sure. Then once he starts making money WE are gonna buy some lands and then WE are gonna buy cows together <3 WOW talk about ULTIMATE dream!!! I would probably die! of happpiness of course. Im getting so happy just thinking aobut it that I acnt even type right!!!!!

In my COW class we get to go to livestock barn one day a week (we split into groups so one grp goes every day) and 'cute boy' is in my group!!! Our first day is tomorrow and I couldnt be more ecstatic!!! Mostly to play with the cows but maybe I'll be able to talk to him again. I sat by him that one day but every day since I have gotten to class way before him and people just sit around me before he gets there. and I cant just save a seat for him cuz that would just come across as way too desperate and would probably freak him out a bit..haha oh well. If it's meant to be, God will provide right?? Plus can I just say I LOVE my teacher for that class. He is the epitamy (i have no Idea how to spell that word..just sound it out) of an ag teacher..tall skinny dark haired, slightly silvering. And clearly loves cows ALMOST as much as i do!!! and thats sayin a LOT! haha.

Sometimes I like to try Social Experiments...

Tuesday Sept 17. To be honest I cant believe I am remembering all this detail but then again Bookie says I remember A TON..but mostly the random facts that no one cares about so you probably havent even gotten this far in this Chapter book. and you probs wont til you get home ;) Ook so TUesday I started out with American FOundations (AmerHer equivalent) taught by an INSANE econ professor that basically said his section is equivalent to Hell's door(sorry to have to use such a naughty just slipped. and yes I am writing everything running through my brain right now..hope you can keep up. if you cant then no one could so you can just burn this..pretty sure you print letters out to read them? GOOD LUCK!!) SO as soon as that class got over, I went and looked up ANY alternative to taking this section of AmF. I came across this chick that taught it the same time as well as like the next 2 periods, so I just hung around til the next time she taught and I sat in and WOW she is like the perfect teacher!! She is juggling a couple jobs right now and is just busy so she is harder to get ahold of, so she made her class much simpler so there arent too many questions. Basically she doesnt care when we do readings(before or after the class they correspond with) and all tests are on I-Learn(online grading thing) so they are auto-grade i think. AND she thinks its dumb to make us memorize the constitution if we arent even going into American studies/politics/whatever. But she is a politician so she is gonna make sure we totally understand everything America stands for, etc. She is VERY similar to Lawrence actually, so i am REALLLY excited about that class. and then Finally I just added the Successful Marriages and Families class(seein as how ive already got plans for marriage, and kids, and COWS, etc ;)) but I havent been to it yet but I will go tomorrow!! I've just had the most amazing time!! for the most part.

Favorite pass-time When I'm feeling homesick (Cuddle and read GF cookbooks)

The rest of the week was all kinda a repeat of the above, on respective days. Friday after classes I came home and took the roomies (Im the only one with a car and they are all freshmens.....but they are mostly really awesome and we make the best of it!!!) to costa vida (heaven in a salad..if thats even possible..). Then at 5 my bedroomy Emily Ondrako and I went to the MINDY GLEDHILL concert!!!!!

A little clip of one of the classics

 it was seriously AMAZING!!! I love her. like alot. and her grand finale was ANCHOR(the one i pretend to play on piano sometimes)!!! our first spot was way far back. then near the end we went and got our shirts/hats/cds/fangear and when we came back in we saw front row seats so we ran and snagged them, and right as we sat down, she came down from the stage and walked RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!!!!! then we went home.

But not before we got a picture with Mindy!!!!!

later that night there was a block party on the oppostie side of campus from where we live and some of my roomies were going so I went with them. It was really fun and crazy!! AND Mindy was there too!!!! but I didn't realize it was her til like an hour after I spotted her..Dang!

Did I mention I love cows?? Well thanks to my bestfriend Amanda, I was able to make a GREAT first impression on the roomies (cuz we all know when I wasn't there the first 2 nights and everyone else was, the were checking out my stuff. And yes, these were the first things to come out of my car and displayed in my room <3)

Call me weird but I decided cereal tastes WAY better with water instead of milk..
I am REALLY homesick far too often, but I am loving it here and I know this is where I need to be right now! Until next time..