Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here comes Fall

Today was really hard for me. It was the first real day of fall this year. I am in a strange place [not for the first time ever, but for the first time this season.] with strange people and not with my family. And it didn't help that I was really tired this morning...(even though I slept for like 10 HOURS!)..

 Alpine Circle with the Family.

Once I was ready for the day I walked outside into the cool, crisp, autumn air. I looked up and couldn't help but notice the BEAUTIFUL fall colors in the mountains and surrounding me. The aroma of the trees and the remnant smells and chills of a cold fall night enveloped me. All I wanted (and still want to do) is to turn around and go back home. But only to be reminded that that home is not really my home. It is here in Provo..NOT Washington. Not with my awesome, loving family but with complete strangers everywhere I look. I can't wait to go home and build Pumpkin Pie with my beautiful, amazing mother and light cinnamon candles and watch the bright orange and yellow, crisp Maple leaves flutter to the ground covering all 10 acres of my property.

 I just want to go watch a football game where I actually can realistically have faith that MY team is going to win! Where I actually know the boys on the team and they aren't too cool to even make eye contact with ANYONE!! Unfortunately BYU STINKS at football and everyone on the team are stuck up and cocky. so I have to keep dreaming..

I actually MISS high school. Sometimes I regret coming to BYU this past winter because I missed out in some really cool relationships I could have made stronger...but what is done is done! Sooo no more talk of regrets there!!! 

I miss the biting cold of 20 minute breaks after first period where there was nothing better than to sip hot cocoa and huddle outside to bear the cold.

BUT I continued walking to class because I know this is where I need to be in my life right now. I am so blessed to be able to come to such a great university with sooo many great people. Plus I was going to be late to class so I had to hustle. (:

Alpine Circle with the Family..kinda really blurry.

This past weekend was such a great kick off for falllll. Started out with a Frozen yogurt run and movie night with Big Brother. We were on round 2 of LOTR..2 down 1 to go!! (LOTR=Lord Of The Rings). Big Brother's roomy Bradshaw was there as well..funny kid. After that I came home to study and went to bed. Saturday was VERY lax. Studied for the dreadful nutrition test (don't even get me started...) 

....And then went on a DATE!! Woohoo!! First one of the semester(: I went with a boy..let's call him Henry. From Ohio. My friend..Robert.. from Idaho came in the group with a girl from his writing class. We played TENNIS!! It was soo fun! We also have started a tradition of playing Ping Pong after ward prayer every Sunday in the Budge Lobby so of course they (but mostly just Robert) get to walk me home afterwards. Good times and plenty more to come I am sure!

Sunday we went to Hilary's for a family dinner with all us Utah residents. Then us single kids left Hendricks' and went on an awesome family drive up Alpine Circle past Aspen Grove. Words cannot describe its beauty! So many beautiful colors and trees and hills and I was with my family..well like 3/11 of them. Oh how I miss the rest of them alll! But the drive got me thinkin real deep thoughts..like how I can't wait to get married and have kids that I can make Pumpkin Pie for and carve pumpkins with and make fun Halloween costumes and light cinnamon candles so I can instill in them a sense of how lovely Autumn time is [can you tell I am obsessed with Pumpkin Pie and Cinnamon Candles??]. And I thought of a few other things too..

Time to hit the books!..or the bed..